419 Hemp Brand Review

Justin Trott is the founder and owner of 419 Hemp, a small CBD dispensary that sells flowers and extracts online and from its Wisconsin store. Choose from a wide variety of personal care products and extracts, pick up a pack of pre-rolls, or enjoy some premium hand-trimmed flowers. 

Hemp Flower Varietals

419 Hemp sells flowers in 3.5g bags or jars, with over a dozen strains to choose from. As with all small farms, its range is constantly changing and stock is limited, but at the time of writing, the following flower options were available: 

  • Cherry Wine: As noted by a 419 Hemp reviewer, Cherry Wine “never disappoints,” which is why it’s a mainstay in the US hemp industry. You’ll get 3.5g of this premium strain for just $10, which equates to over half a gram of total CBD.
  • Sour Pine Berry: As the name suggests, this strain promises strong aromas of pine in combination with sharp, sour, and tangy notes.
  • Ringo’s Gift: A low-cost and high-quality strain that’s packed with more than 21% CBD and promises to help you relax without gluing you to the couch.
  • Sour Haze: Sharp, bitter, and strong, Sour Haze is best reserved for those daytime tokes, when you need a little pick-me-up or a social smoke. 
  • T1 Skunk: Floral, citrusy, and skunky—a smooth smoke to perk you up during those long and stressful evenings. 
  • Special Sauce: One of the sharpest strains around, Special Sauce combines bold citrus flavors with a distinct sourness.

If you’re looking for a cheap and convenient smoke, take a look at their Hemp Smokes. For $12, you’ll get a pack of machine rolled hemparettes that look just traditional cigarettes, but they don’t have any tobacco. These all-natural smokables use hemp leaf and not flower, but they still contain 400mg of CBD per pack are ideal for a quick and mess-free smoke.

Other Products

419 Hemp’s June’s Garden range is where the company branches out a little, taking a detour from hemp flowers and focusing on some alternative benefits of CBD and hemp. It’s a boutique brand that manufactures personal care products using essential oils and botanical extracts, along with an infusion of high-strength CBD oil.

If you’re interested in the dermatological benefits of hemp and lean more towards boutique brands and small-batch products, we recommend checking them out.

If it’s all about consuming high-quality CBD, 419 Hemp also sells tinctures isolates as well as CBD-infused coffees, teas, and spices.

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