Agrodine Farms Review

Agrodine Farms is a hemp producer and reseller that stocks a varied selection of hemp flowers and CBD products. It sells wholesale and retail quantities and its website has detailed COAs of all its strains.

About Agrodine Farms

There isn’t a great deal of information about Agrodine Farms on the web. We tried contacting them for a little more info, but we didn’t get a response. To be fair, though, we only had a week to wait before writing this review and we contacted them during a busy time.

If you search for Agrodine Farms, you’ll find links for AgroDyne Solutions, which sells “agricultural solutions.” We’d be inclined to believe that these were two completely different companies, if not for the fact that Agrodine Farms occasionally refers to itself as “AgroDyne Farms.”

In fact, some resellers of this company’s products refer to it only as AgroDyne Farms.

Maybe they’re connected, maybe not. Maybe it matters, probably not though. That said, if anyone from Agrodine Farms is reading this, consider creating an “About Us” section to give your online customers a little more information about your company.

Hemp Flower Varietals

The following strains are currently available to buy from Agrodine Farms, with quantities varying from 1/8th of an ounce to 1 lb. on average.

  • Chardonnay: A strain that combines flavors of candied fruits and fragrant flowers, just like a newly opened bottle of bubbly. It was bred from Cherry Wine and Black Rose and maintains many of the uniquely sweet flavors of its parentage, leaning more toward the fruitiness of Cherry Wine.
  • Frosted Lime: A strong citrus strain that is as frosty and tangy as its name suggests.
  • CBD Dog Treats: There are actual CBD dog treats on the market, and they’re part of a growing range of cannabinoid-based pet products. This, however, is a flower that was seemingly named following a quick check of CBD keywords. Maybe we’re just being cynical, but its name makes for a stark contrast from the likes of Cherry Wine, Gelato, and Berry Blossom. It’s said to be a social strain that you can enjoy with friends-presumably the two-legged, non-furry kind.
  • Pineapple Murder: Another strange name, but one we can definitely get behind. Pineapple Murder is sharp, tangy, and sweet. It produces dense buds of a medium-size and is loaded with the fruity terpene known as Myrcene.
  • Pink-Lion Flower: With nearly 15% CBD, these dark green buds are potent, pungent, and relaxing. The product description states that the total THC content is 0.5%, which would actually put it over the federal limit, so we’re assuming this is a mistake.
  • Agrodine Bud: This is the name of a product listing on the Agrodine Farms website, as opposed to an actual strain. You’ll find two different varieties under this listing: Alien Skunk and The Beast. There isn’t a great deal of info on these strains, but they look very appealing and are reasonably priced, with an ounce currently priced at $55.
  • CBG Flower: We’re not sure what this strain is, as it’s not listed on the site, but the flowers seem to be very high quality. 

You can buy hemp flowers loose in jars or in the form of joints and blunts. Some of the blunts contain both hemp and tobacco, and while high-grade cigar tobacco is used, it’s not ideal if you’re trying to avoid the stuff. They are hand-rolled, however, and if you state that you want tobacco-free joints they will roll them for you. 

Other Products

Agrodine Farms sells large bags of strain-specific trim. It’s not the best way to enjoy this plant and you should always opt for hand-trimmed hemp flowers where possible, but if you’re smoking a lot of blunts, don’t have much money, and need a cheap filler, it’s worth a look.

You could even use the trim to make your own concentrates, and there is a recipe on the site detailing how you can turn it into CBD cream and CBD butter. It’s worth thinking about when you consider that 2 pounds of trim cost only $90.

It occasionally sells some products by Wild Hemp and Terp Nation, but there isn’t much variety here and it’s best to stick with the pure hemp flowers.

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