Eight Horses Hemp Review

Eight Horses Hemp began life as a relatively modest hemp farm, producing only two strains and a very small harvest. The farm was actually founded as a way to utilize some of the founder’s farmland, making its launch a happy accident of sorts!

The same can’t be said for its success. A lot of time, resources, and hard work has gone into Eight Horses Hemp over the last year or so, turning it into one of the hottest hemp brands in the state of New York.

It hasn’t been around for very long, but it’s made a big impact in that time and is a great source of high-quality, low-cost hemp, especially for consumers buying by the ounce.

Hemp Flower Varietals

Eight Horses Hemp sells a selection of premium hemp flowers, including a few unique strains. Everything is sold in very limited quantities and there are usually plenty of promotions to take advantage of. The strains available at the time of writing include: 

  • Charlotte’s Gift 1 and 6: A super frosty strain grown by a cultivator with a close relationship to Eight Horses Hemp. There are two distinct phenotypes of this strain and they both have their own unique aromas and effects. All crops are grown outdoors, and all flowers are hand-trimmed and packed with over 13% CBD.
  • Cherry Blossom: A sweet cherry-flavored strain that contains over 20% total cannabinoids. It has an unforgettable flavor and tests for very high levels of CBDa.
  • Elektra: You can never go wrong with Elektra hemp flowers. First produced in Oregon soil, Elektra continues to thrive in the Beaver State. It delivers piney aromas, skunky flavors, and painkilling, anti-anxiety effects.
  • OC Kush: The OC Kush strain is grown outdoors and contains over 7% CBDa while promising to be completely THC compliant.
  • Queen Dream: One of the brand’s best indoor strains and one that promises an impressive 19% CBDa. These small to medium-sized buds are usually available in small quantities due to limited availability.
  • Sour Space Candy 2: An indoor-grown variant of one of the industry’s best-loved strains. It’s sour, it’s sweet, and it has over 13% CBDa.

The above strains are sold in the following forms:

  • Loose flowers: All hand-trimmed flowers are packed into mylar bags and then sealed in food saver bags, and all orders come with lab reports and letters to law enforcement, the latter of which proves that the hemp is 100% legal. Flowers are sold in quantities ranging from 1g to 1 oz., with massive price reductions for larger orders.
  • Smalls: Sold in 1 oz. and half-ounce quantities, these are the small pieces that break off the larger nugs. Also known as “popcorn nugs,” Smalls are an affordable way to get a high-quality smoke, and they deliver many of the same flavors, aromas, and effects that you get from larger flowers.
  • Trim/shake: The “trim” is the stuff that is trimmed off the flowers, while the “shake” is the loose leaves that fall to the bottom of flower jars and bags. This product doesn’t need to go in a grinder and is great for rolling joints. It’s also cheap and, at the time of writing, you can get an ounce for only $10 (a price that has been discounted down from $40). However, the cannabinoid content and quality tends to be much lower than whole flowers.

Sales and More

Eight Horses Hemp is all about the hemp flowers and doesn’t sell any extracts, edibles, or other CBD products. Everything is available through the company’s website and there are regular sales and discounts to reduce those low prices even further.

For example, there is a section for $20 ounces of whole flowers. The popcorn nugs and shake options are even cheaper!

Veteran discounts are available as well and the company also does its bit for good causes, such as offering consumers a 5% discount when they donate at least $5 to Black Lives Matter. It’s a fractional amount but it all adds up, especially on larger orders, and it’s good to know you’re helping a worthy cause.

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