Green Unicorn Farms Review

Green Unicorn Farms is on a mission to source the cleanest and most aromatic smokable hemp, and it has done a pretty good job so far. This brand has a dedicated following throughout the United States, and you can see many fans, experts, and reviewers enjoying its products on Instagram.

Located in San Rafael, California, Green Unicorn Farms sells indoor and outdoor hemp grown to a high standard from carefully selected genetics. Every flower is harvested at the optimal time and slow-cured to reduce moisture levels. Handling is kept to a minimum and sealed packages are used to guarantee a fresh and potent product every time.

Hemp Flower Varietals

CBD flowers, pre-rolls, smalls, trim—take your pick! Green Unicorn Farms has no shortage of options when it comes to smokable hemp. Strains are arranged by effects (daytime and nighttime) and growth (indoor and outdoor). To save a bit of cash, you can also pick up a bundle, including sample packs with 6 bags of 1g or 3.5g and nighttime/daytime bundles with 3.5g and 7g.

Prices vary considerably, as does availability, but at the time of writing, many premium strains were on sale for $12.99 per 3.5g bag. There was also an additional 30% discount offered to new members, one that will likely be available when you make your purchase. If not, simply spend some time browsing the site and you should be greeted with a pop-up promising a big discount code.

Some strains are available as pre-rolls only, and if the company’s reviews and slick social media posts are anything to go by, these are some of its biggest sellers. If you’re buying pre-rolls, we recommend purchasing a sample pack or finding a strain that you like and buying in bulk.

Before any discounts are added to the equation, pre-rolls cost $14.99 each and contain 1g of product. That’s a lot of money to pay for smokable hemp, even if it is top shelf and special reserve. For a 5-pack, you’ll pay $54.99, which equates to a more reasonable $11 per gram.

  • Berry Blossom: A floral and sweet strain that never fails to disappoint and is ideal as a nighttime smoke.
  • Special Sauce: “Astringent” is the word often used to describe Special Sauce, and rightfully so, as it produces some uniquely sharp flowers.
  • Sour Special Sauce: If Special Sauce isn’t tangy enough for you, try its sour cousin. It produces beautiful buds and unforgettable flavors.
  • Cherry Abacus: The buds might be small, but Cherry Abacus is packed with flavor and will leave a lasting impression.
  • Sour Space Candy: As sour and potent as a strain can be. It’s no wonder that Sour Space Candy is one of the best-selling strains in the United States.
  • Lifter: Another popular variety that produces uplifting effects.
  • White CBG: A great choice for CBG smokers. 
  • Frosted Kush: An Indica-dominant strain that will pick you up during those long, sluggish, and stressful days.
  • Bubba Kush: A classic in the smokable hemp industry that needs no introduction. Green Unicorn’s Bubba Kush promises more than 16% CBD.
  • Charlotte’s Sauce: A Hybrid bred from Special Sauce and Charlotte’s Web, aiming to combine the unique effects and flavors of these two popular strains.
  • Juicy Fruit: As delicious as its name suggests, Juicy Fruit is bred from premium hemp genetics and is often available in very small quantities. It’ll cost you, but it’s worth it.
  • Honolulu Haze: A relaxing, calming, and tropical flavored strain.
  • Sunset Road Sherbet: A Sativa-dominant strain that promises nearly 20% CBD. It’s a good choice for experienced smokers.
  • Elektra: A popular strain that delivers a complex array of flavors and is an ever-reliable option for inexperienced and uncertain first-timers.
  • Cherry Ultra: The indoor-grown Cherry Ultra has close to 20% CBD and is packed with sweet and fruity flavors.
  • Hawaiian Haze: Tropical flavors combine in a strain that is strong, sweet, fruity and uplifting.
  • Magic Bullet: Described as one of the brand’s “most exciting” strains, Magic Bullet is a cross between The Wife and Otto II, with floral, citrusy, and fruity notes. It has over 18% CBD.
  • Remedy: Grown in California, Remedy produces gassy and pungent flowers with undertones of pine and citrus.
  • Suver Haze: A high-yield strain that has been used to create huge quantities of premium CBD products, including tons of smokable flowers. 
  • El Jefe: Strong orange hues, flavors of earth and lemon, and a CBD content of over 17%.
  • Vortex: Get drawn into the Vortex with this sweet and tropical strain.
  • Secret OG: A super-frosty strain that is perfect for nighttime use. It has a massive 24% CBD and strong earthy flavors. It’s easy to see why this one sold out so quickly!
  • Pineberry: A heady terpene profile with strong notes of pine and an impressive cannabinoid content that includes 20% CBD.

Other Information

Green Unicorn Farms is all about the smokables and doesn’t sell any extracts. That might change in the future, but probably not.

If you’re looking for some premium, small-batch hemp that delivers a fragrant and potent smoke, we definitely recommend taking a look at Green Unicorn Farms. 

The prices are a little steep, but you get what you pay for. Additionally, if you want the buds right now but won’t have the funds until later, Green Unicorn Farms accepts payments through Sezzle, a “buy now pay later” service that makes things a little easier for customers on a budget.

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