Happy Budz Hemp Review

Founded by friends and hemp enthusiasts, Happy Budz Hemp (HBH) sells hand-trimmed hemp flowers and dry-sifted kief that it hand-selects from industrial hemp farms. All of its products are guaranteed to be loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes, and its owners promise not to source hemp that they wouldn’t smoke themselves.  

Hemp Flower Varietals

All HBH hemp flowers are separated by harvest season, with older flowers typically available for a deep discount. You can buy quantities of between 1g and 28g, with flowers, minis, and trim all available.

1g bags cost upwards of $5.99 on average but with the addition of discounts, you can pick up an eighth of last year’s harvest for the same cost. If you’re looking for a cheaper bulk product, trim costs $15 per ounce and there are regular promotions reducing this to just $7.99.

Pre-rolls are available as well and cost $5.95 per 1g to 1.2g joint. You can purchase in singles and in packs of 5 or 10, and every roll contains 100% premium hemp flower.

Available strains include:

  • Cherry Abacus 2.0: Dark green and purple hues, fresh floral tastes, and over 17% CBD. Cherry Abacus 2.0 is not heavy on the cherry flavors and is influenced more by the Abacus lineage, but there is some sweetness and freshness to be found in this potent varietal.
  • East Coast Lifter: A mellow, uplifting daytime strain that produces dense buds alongside sweet and funky notes.
  • Sour Special Sauce: At first, you’ll be hit with a nose-tingling sourness, but then you’ll notice notes of sweetness and strong skunk. This outdoor-grown strain promises over 13% CBD and close to 0.6% total terpenes.
  • Sour G CBG: Prominent orange hairs and a dusting of powdery crystals cover these sun-grown buds. You’ll get 14.5% CBG and can enjoy fresh flavors and a smooth smoke.
  • Indoor Kush: An incredibly pungent strain that will knock you off your feet as soon as you open the jar. The medium to large buds are dense and contain around 11% CBD.
  • Sour Space Candy: A strain that walks the line between relaxing and energizing. You can use it to unwind on an evening or give your creativity a boost during the day. Everyone responds differently, but the strong and sour flavors are there for all and will continue to fill your senses long after you finish smoking.
  • Super Sour Space Candy: Designed to imitate the original Sour Space Candy but with more prominent sour flavors. If you like that strain, you will love this one.
  • Hawaiian Haze: The history of this strain is somewhat unknown, but it is currently one of the most popular strains for smokable hemp flowers. It combines a wealth of tropical flavors with a potent cannabinoid profile.
  • Legendary OG: An aptly-named strain that has gained a sizeable following in the hemp industry. Legendary OG is tangy and tart, with strong citrus flavors and floral undertones.
  • Suver Haze: Initially produced in Southern Oregon, Suver Haze remains one of the most popular strains in the Beaver State, where it is favored by farmers and consumers alike.

Other Products

On their website, Happy Budz has a “Concentrates” section that contains a selection of kief. The kief is dry-sifted and free of solvents, offering an average of 30% CBD or CBG.

Depending on the strain, you’ll pay anywhere from $17.95 to $24.95 per 1/8th, with discounts reducing these prices to between $10 and $15.

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