HempWorks Wisconsin Review

Founded by Matt Wirtz and Ben Mueller, HempWorks is a Wisconsin-based business led by two young entrepreneurs who are passionate about hemp and CBD. Mueller and Wirtz have a dedicated and knowledgeable team behind them, and they do everything they can to promote the medicinal use of CBD.

About HempWorks Wisconsin

HempWorks Wisconsin runs physical stores in Fond Du Lac and Oshkosh, which it opened in 2019. It also sells a variety of products online, including hemp flowers, CBD oils, salves, and more. It’s small but dedicated, and it has experienced tremendous growth during its short time in business.

All products have been rigorously tested and you can download COAs and lab results on the HempWorks Wisconsin website. 

Shipping is available throughout the United States and the company also offers curbside pickup. Be sure to check the promotions page before placing your order, as it typically lists several coupon codes.

Hemp Flower Varietals

Hemp flowers are sold in quantities of 1g or more, costing between $5 and $7. As far as we can tell, there are no discounts for larger quantities. Simply pick your strain and click “add to cart.” Keep in mind that every “1” that you add equates to 1 gram. 

It’s not ideal if you’re looking for large quantities of a single strain but considering the relatively low price and the varied product range, it means you can order a wide variety of strains without breaking the bank.

  • Mountain Mango (14% CBD): Described as a super-sweet strain, Mountain Mango is rich in Myrcene, which is also found in mango. In fact, it is claimed that eating mangos will intensify the effects of THC because of their Myrcene content.
  • Cherry Limeade (16.5% CBD): Delivering notes of cherry and lime, this strain offers a sweet and smooth smoke. 
  • Charlotte’s Wife (11.2% CBD): Bred from The Wife and Charlotte’s Web, this strain has a complex mix of sweet and citrus flavors provided by terpenes like Bisadolol, Myrcene, Humulene, and Caryophyllene.
  • Hawaiian Haze (16.5% CBD): Tangy, sweet, fruity—like sipping cocktails on a Hawaiian beach.
  • Jupiter (14.5% CBD): An Indica-dominant strain that has pungent earthy aromas that linger in the mouth, leaving a subtle aftertaste of spice.
  • Sweet Wife (14% CBD): Earthy and with notes of berries, Sweet Wife is a high-CBD strain loaded with tropical and fruity flavors.
  • T-1 (12.4% CBD): Also known as Trump 1 and T-One, this strain was bred by combining Afghan Skunk with The Wife. It has high-CBD and low-THC, with skunky and sweet flavors.
  • Sour Space Candy (16% CBD): One of the most unique strains on the market, Sour Space Candy is as sour and gassy as its name suggests, but with strong undertones of candied fruit.
  • White CBG Flower: A high-CBG flower and a great way to get your fix of this beneficial cannabinoid.

Other strains may be available from time to time and with non-flower orders. For instance, HempWorks Wisconsin sells pre-rolls in the aforementioned strains, but also in strains such as Suver Haze, Cherry Wine, and Berry Blossom.

The pre-rolls contain 1g of hemp and cost just $6 apiece. Alternatively, you can buy a pack of 18 Hemparettes for $18. 

If flowers and pre-rolls are stretching your budget a little thin, consider the Random Shake Pre-Rolls. As the name suggests, they contain shake from random strains, delivering upwards of 10% CBD.

The exact range is a little confusing. The product description lists both 10 to 18% and 10 to 15%, but the product image suggests it’s 12 to 18%. In any case, it’s above 10% and these little joints cost just $4 each, so you can’t go wrong.

Other Products

HempWorks Wisconsin creates and sells a broad range of products. In fact, at the time of writing, there were 63 products in its online store. 

Along with flowers, pre-rolls, and Hemparettes, you’ll find hemp oils, gummies, salves, roll-ons, bath bombs, vapes, CBD patches, lollipops, pet products, CBD water, honey, and more.

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