Medhemporium Review

Medhemporium is an Oregon-based company founded and run by Steven Fink. It sells organically-grown, lab-tested hemp flowers and has a number of strains available, including many locally-bred favorites.

About Medhemporium 

All of Medhemporium’s strains are grown outdoors and are harvested by hand. The plants are then slow cured for 8 weeks, a process that its owner is very proud of and one that ensures a potent and aromatic product.

The company keeps a very small inventory and trims all products to order, thus limiting terpene and cannabinoid degradation. The trimming process is performed by hand and the company focuses 100% on hemp flowers, with no kief, concentrates, or biomass production.

Hemp Flower Varietals

Many of Medhemporium’s flowers are available as “hand trimmed” or “hand-trimmed fine,” and it also sells popcorn nugs, natural colas, and trim, with availability dependent on the strain and quantity that you order.

Hemp flowers are available in packs ranging from 1 eighth of an ounce to 1 pound, costing between $30 and $650 on average. There is a sitewide sale at the time of writing that has reduced everything by around 25%, creating some very reasonably priced offers on the following varietals:

  • Sour Space Candy: Sweet, sour, and earthy—Sour Space Candy is unique and unforgettable. Medhemporium reports a cannabinoid content that totals 17.70%, with close to 14.5% CBD.
  • Dragon’s Breath: As a proprietary strain, Dragon’s Breath is a standout product in the Medhemporium online store. It has bold green leaves with red and purple hairs, and it’s dominated by sweet, spicy, and floral terpenes.
  • Wendy’s Delight: Tests at close to 20% total cannabinoids with a unique terpene profile dominated by Myrcene, Nerolidol, and Caryophyllene.
  • Le Femme Verte: The ultimate nighttime strain, Le Femme Verte (“the Green Goddess”) delivers a smooth and fragrant smoke with “couch-lock” effects.
  • Hawaiian Haze: An uplifting and mood-boosting strain that’s filled with delicious tropical flavors and measures at over 12% CBD.
  • Blue Moon: An Indica-dominant strain with rich-flavored, dark green/deep purple buds.
  • Esmeralda’s Glory: Only available on the Medhemporium farm, these deep green, purple, and amber buds are a hit with the locals. Esmeralda’s Glory is one of the company’s biggest sellers.
  • Suver Haze: A massively popular strain that is grown throughout Oregon and enjoyed across the United States. You know what you’re getting with Suver Haze, aromatic buds with woody flavors and relaxing effects.
  • Margi’s Wonder: A CBG strain with close to 14% of this emerging cannabinoid. It is dominated by terpenes like Guaiol, Farnesene, and Caryohyellene, producing flavors of sweet spice, pungent pine, and fragrant hops.
  • Sour Dutch Treat: Displays orange hairs and prevailing flavors of fruit, spice, and herbs.
  • Incan Princess Kush: Although it doesn’t have the highest CBD content, averaging around 9%, Incan Princess Kush produces beautifully dense buds and sweet, fragrant aromas.
  • Aphrodite’s Desire: Named for the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, this strain has been described as “delicate” and “beautiful.” It has a relatively low CBD content of 6.6%.
  • Purple Hempress: Another low CBD strain, Purple Hempress has just 7% CBD, but its buds are beautifully vibrant and filled with herby, spicy, and floral flavors.
  • Hestia’s Innocence: Hestia was the Greek goddess of the hearth/home and has given her name to a pleasingly aromatic strain with 15% total cannabinoids and 12.4% CBD.
  • Athena’s Potion: Another strain named for a Greek Goddess, Athena’s Potion is pungent and spicy—as courageous and strong as her namesake.

Not sure which of these strains is right for you? Medhemporium sells sample packs with four different strains. We would have preferred to see smaller amounts of more varied strains, as these packs contain just four varieties at 1/8th each, but it’s still a good way to try different products.

Other Products

Medhemporium doesn’t sell CBD extracts or edibles. It’s all about the hemp flowers, and as you can see above, there’s no shortage of these available. It’s a BBB accredited business and it accepts a variety of secure payment methods through its online store, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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