Moon Flower Review

Moon Flower is a female-owned and operated hemp business nestled in the mountains of West Virginia. It’s a brand that is truly passionate about the product that it sells, and this passion shines through in all of their products and promotions. 

About Moon Flower

Far too many hemp dispensaries have websites that were seemingly designed in the early 2000s. If you want to learn about the product you’re buying, you have to take your search elsewhere, and if you want to know about the company, you better be prepared to spend the next hour or so going through social media.

It makes life very difficult for reviewers like us! Thankfully, Moon Flower has a very well-designed website populated with information about hemp, its products, and the brand in general.

There are stacks of COAs, pictures of the owners and their farm, dosage instructions, and more. Everything has a cheery and friendly tone, and this extends to the Moon Flower social media pages, so make sure you follow them to catch their latest updates.

Hemp Flower Varietals

Moon Flower sells three different hemp varieties. At the time of writing, these sell for $25 for 3.5 grams and include the following:

  • Green Lightning: Fruity and frosty nugs that can be enjoyed throughout the day. You’ll feel an initial sense of clarity followed by a spike in creativity, all of which occurs without slowing you down and impacting your energy or focus.
  • Special Sauce: A calming strain known for its sharp and bitter flavors. Its unique and strong aromas will hit you as soon as you open the jar.
  • The White (CBG): An incredibly frosty strain that delivers a powerful punch of CBG—one of the best CBG varietals on the market.

These strains are also available in pre-roll form. For $20, you’ll get three pre-rolls packed with premium hemp flowers. 

Other Products

In the run-up to Valentine’s Day 2021, Moon Flower sold a gift set that contained a pre-roll made from rose petals, a chocolate mint Chapstick, and a Passion Mood Food CBD oil. It was a cool little limited edition set that proved the company is not afraid to try new things.

You can also purchase CBD gummies, dabs, self-care products, clothes, and tinctures, and the Moon Flower range is growing all the time. You can even buy teabags, each of which contains 1 gram of activated CBD or CBG.

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