Mr. Hemp Flower Review

Mr. Hemp Flower is located in North Carolina, but it works with hemp farmers from some of the country’s biggest hemp producing regions, including Oregon and Colorado. 

It sources top-shelf hemp flowers and packs them into a variety of products, including pure flowers, nugs, and pre-rolls. It also produces its own cannabinoid products, our favorite of which is the mouthwatering selection of CBD, CBN, and Delta-8 THC gummies.

About Mr. Hemp Flower

Founded by Frederik “the Viking” and Alex Gould, Mr. Hemp Flower began as a passion project and quickly expanded into something much greater. It is currently one of the fastest-growing hemp companies in NC and has a huge selection of hemp flowers and CBD products. 

By working with only the most experienced organic hemp farms, Mr. Hemp Flower guarantees the best flowers all year round, ensuring that every batch is checked, tested, and re-tested for optimal purity.

Hemp Flower Varietals

At the time of writing, Mr. Hemp Flower has 35 products listed under its “Hemp Flower” section. Some of these are cheaper “popcorn nugs,” which have slightly less cannabinoids and terpenes but are a great way to enjoy an affordable smoke.

The majority are top-shelf flowers sold in packs ranging from 1g to 28g and costing up to $9.99 per gram. We’ve listed all of the available strains below, but it’s worth noting that these are small-batch flowers and so they are subject to stock shortages. 

Visit the product pages for information on pricing, availability, and the latest lab tests.

  • Hawaiian Haze: Mr. Hemp Flower describes Hawaiian Haze as a strain that can “crush anxiety,” and many users would agree with them. These green, orange, and red flecked flowers combine a fusion of tropical flavors with strong uplifting and relaxing effects.
  • Sour Space Candy: A reliable option and one that you can find in many online and offline dispensaries. Sour Space Candy has strong diesel flavors and Mr. Hemp’s take on this strain delivers over 15% CBD.
  • Sour AK: Dark and dense buds with over 12% CBD.
  • Cherry Crème Brulee: As sweet and sumptuous as it sounds, this Cherry Crème Brulee strain is grown indoors and is sold in very small quantities.
  • Lifter Plus: Purple-tinted nugs packed with over 21% CBD, Lifter Plus is great at killing pain and giving your mind and body a boost.
  • Cherry Pie: Sweet cherry buds with over 16% CBD.
  • Blueberry Pie: A very pungent strain that will linger for hours after you have cracked the seal.
  • Walter White: A good strain for CBG fans, and one that provides more than 15% of this popular cannabinoid.
  • Ghost Rider CBG: Bushy buds, a smooth smoke, and a hefty dose of CBG in every pack.
  • Suver Haze: Vast quantities of these flowers are grown every year in the Beaver State. It’s a reliable and powerful strain with light buds and an impressive CBD content of over 22%.
  • Sour Diesel: The name says it all. This is a strong and gassy strain-not for everyone, but ideal for fans of sour flowers.
  • Tangerine Dream: First created to produce medicinal levels of CBD, this distinctive strain is praised for its aromatic, sweet, and citrusy flavors, like fresh tangerine peel.
  • Master Hemp: Beautiful purple, orange, and green buds that are covered in frosty trichomes.
  • Gorilla Glue: So-named because it produces lots of sticky resin, Gorilla Glue buds are dense, sticky, and packed with over 14% CBD.
  • Gelato: Beautiful orange buds that will lock you to the couch or help you drift off to sleep.
  • Purple Gas: The name says it all-the buds are tinged with deep purple colors and emit a distinctive gassy aroma.
  • Cheese: Like a mature cheese, only without the calories, this CBD strain is perfect if you’re struggling with insomnia and need something to help you relax.
  • Harlequin: It’s time to get some shut-eye with this sedating strain-not for the faint of heart!
  • Berry Blossom: A classic strain that’s a huge hit with experienced tokers and novice smokers alike. You can’t go wrong with some premium Berry Blossom buds, and the ones sold here are grown outdoors and contain more than 15% CBD.
  • Pineapple Haze: A fruity, topical, and relaxing strain similar to Hawaiian Haze.
  • Grape Soda: These indoor-grown flowers will give you a dose of 17% CBD, with mild terpenes that create subtle and slightly sweet flavors.
  • Silver Haze CBG: One of the strongest CBG strains in the Mr. Hemp range, Silver Haze is a pale, frosty strain with close to 20% of this “mother cannabinoid.”
  • Northern Lights NLX: Bred from two very popular and well-known strains: Northern Lights and White Widow. You know what you’re getting with this one.
  • Jaeger: Very frosty with a pleasant mixture of aromas and tastes stemming from a varied terpene profile.
  • Mojito: These dark buds are best enjoyed with friends. They won’t sedate you, but they may help take the edge off and send your stresses packing.
  • GoldyLocks CBG: Unusual pale buds with around 23% CBG. These are available in very limited quantities, so we recommend buying them as soon as they are in stock.
  • Cat’s Meow: Punchy flavors, a smooth smoke, and beautiful purple/pink buds. This is a unique strain in many ways.
  • Sour Lifter: Lifter is a very popular Oregon-bred strain, and not without reason. Sour Lifter introduces some gassy diesel-like flavors to this classic.
  • Strawberry Jam: Enjoy during the day, giving yourself a dose of 15% CBD, helping ease anxiety, and making you a little more sociable.
  • Cherry Blossom: Cherry and berry flavors combine for a very pleasant smoke. You’ll have to act quickly though, as it’s produced in small batches by a North Carolina farm.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of strains available here! It would have been nice if a sample pack or taster selection was available, as is often the case with major hemp flower brands, but you can always just create your own with single gram orders.

If anyone from Mr. Hemp Flower is reading this, we’d love to see a tasting pack or even a gift pack where customers can sample multiple strains to see which one is right for them.

Other Products

Mr. Hemp Flower sells a lot of Delta-8 THC products that are available in both retail and wholesale quantities. There are pre-rolls, flowers, hash extracts, and gummies. We like the gummies in particular, as they use only natural and organic ingredients and are 100% vegan. 

They’re a little on the expensive side, costing the equivalent of $1.50 per gummy when bought in jars of 10, but you’re getting some top-shelf edibles for that price.

If Delta-8 THC isn’t your thing, there are equally high-quality CBD/CBN edibles. Not only will you get 45mg of CBD per dose, but the addition of CBN means these gummies make for the perfect evening or nighttime snack.

Hemp cigarettes, pre-rolls, concentrates, and oils are available as well.

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