Natural Life Review

Natural Life is one of the biggest CBD stores we have come across. It stocks over 1,600 different products from brands across the United States, all designed to deliver high-quality CBD and CBG.

About Natural Life

Founded by Gabriel Suarez, this Florida-based company began as a passion project, with Suarez keen to find solutions for his brother, who suffers from Juvenile Arthritis. Like so many founders before him, he stumbled upon CBD, realized its potential, and immediately began researching cannabinoids.

Natural Life has since grown into one of the biggest hemp and CBD retailers in the south. It has 6 stores across the state of Florida (3 in Tallahassee, 2 in Jacksonville, 1 in Ocala) and also sells most of its stock online.

Hemp Flower Varietals

Natural Life stocks a wide range of hemp flowers and other smokables. The flowers are sold as “Standard” and “Premium,” as well as “Popcorn.” The first two are just varying qualities of hemp flower—all trimmed, cured, packed with flavor, and available for upwards of $10 per gram.

As for popcorn buds, these are small buds that don’t have as much “bag appeal” but still provide an enjoyable smoke. Popcorn buds cost just $5 per gram and are a great option for smokers on a budget.

Wholesale products are available as well. These include “Farmer’s Batch Hemp Flower,” which contains hemp seeds, trim, and stalk, and can be used when cooking and infusing.

For a convenient smoke, take a look at their pre-rolls, hemp cigars, and Hemparettes. Natural Life sells their own-branded pre-rolls, which cost $30 for a pack of 7, and stocks a host of other brands. 

The strains available at Natural Life include:

  • Blue Genius: A Sativa-dominant strain blending flavors of pine, citrus, and pepper.
  • Elektra: Bred from ACDC and ERB, Elektra is one of the most popular hemp strains in the US, delivering high levels of CBD, a smooth smoke, and a complex array of flavors.
  • Bordeaux: Earthy, cheesy, deep, intense—like a fine wine. Bordeaux is a cross between Chardonnay and Berry Blossom and is the perfect marriage of these two strains.
  • Bubba Kush: Grown under strict conditions on Oregon farms, Bubba Kush blends aromas of sharp spice and musty coffee, with undertones of fruit and candy.
  • Hawaiian Haze: With 17% CBD and a profile of tropical flavors, Hawaiian Haze offers a unique experience that you won’t forget.
  • Jupiter: Named after the king of the gods in Roman mythology, this sleepy strain could just as easily be called Hypnos or Morpheus, the Greek gods of sleep and dreams. It’s a sedating smoke is often recommended to insomniacs.
  • Hemp Kush: Aromas of lemon and pine clash with woody undertones, like sweet incense.
  • Legendary: A herby, fruity, and floral mix that promises a “legendary” smoke. Beware, however, as it’s often described as a sedating strain and is best saved for those long evenings when you’re struggling to get some shut-eye. 
  • Lifter: Although Lifter’s name likely stems from a tomato crop known as Mortgage Lifter, it’s also an apt description for this uplifting strain.
  • Shishkaberry: An Indica-dominant varietal praised for its calming effects and its sweet berry flavors.
  • Sour Space Candy: A sweet and sour strain that has been described as a “social smoke,” making you feel uplifted and sociable, as opposed to sedated and sleepy. 
  • Special Sauce: The exceptional flavors of this strain aren’t that much of a secret. They are provided by a unique fusion of terpenes, including Farnesene and β-Caryophyllene.
  • Suver Haze: With more than 21% CBD, this is a relaxing strain that won’t wipe you out, promising relaxation without sedation.
  • Gi-002: This hybrid strain features medium-sized buds and pungent flavors. It can be enjoyed throughout the day and may provide you with a much-needed creativity spark.
  • T1: Also known as Trump 1, this strain has an array of sweet berry flavors, with a CBD content of more than 14%.
  • CBG White Whale: A “white whale” is a metaphor for something that you obsess over but can never achieve. It’s a symbol borrowed from Moby Dick, and with this high-CBG strain, you could be obsessing over a white whale of your own. Its cannabinoid profile is 99.5% CBG, making it one of the best CBG strains on the market right now.

Other Products

Along with its high-quality hemp flowers and pre-rolls, Natural Life also stocks a wealth of CBD extracts, oils, edibles, and vaping juices. You can buy pretty much anything CBD related, from cough syrups to beverages and honey sticks.

Kava, which has been described as a “natural Valium,” is also available, as is Kratom, which works like a mild opiate. Both products are legal, although they’re in a gray area and that legality might change in the near future. In fact, some states have already clamped down on the consumption of kratom, including Alabama.

As a result, you may discover that you can order hemp flowers and CBD products but are prevented from receiving kratom.

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