Primo Gardens Review

From its base in New Mexico, Primo Gardens produces huge quantities of hemp flowers and CBD products. It’s a seed-to-shelf process that keeps the supply chain clean and guarantees that only the finest flowers make it through. 

Its products are sold in retail and wholesale quantities and Primo Gardens also offers a white label service, whereby it grows, produces, and packages products for other hemp brands.

Primo Gardens harvests around 30,000 hemp plants a year and the sheer scale of its operation allows it to sell hemp flowers at very competitive prices.

Hemp Flower Varietals

Primo Gardens stocks a few different hemp flower strains in quantities of between 3.5g and 1 lb. You’ll pay upwards of $12.99 for the former and $250 for the latter, making Primo Gardens a very good option for smokers on a budget. 

The company has conducted independent lab tests on all their products, all of which are listed on their website. However, there is very little information on individual strains. The product descriptions cover the same generic information, and the only unique info concerns the CBD and THC content.

The same strain can vary quite considerably from one farm to the next, and the only way to truly know what you’re getting is to smell and smoke it yourself. That said, we have listed some general information below to give you an idea of what you can expect from the company’s current hemp flower selection.

  • Berry Blossom: Described as a “foundational” strain, Berry Blossom is a firm favorite among smokers and growers, and it has also been used to breed several other top varietals. It was bred by hemp pioneer Bodhi Urban and is great for both first-time smokers and experienced smokers. 
  • Birthday Cake: Named for its sweet and sumptuous “cakey” flavors, Birthday Cake is Indica-dominant and produces strong body effects. Grab a slice of this sweet treat before bedtime and it will help you sleep soundly.
  • Cherry Wine: Bred from Charlotte’s Cherries and The Wife, two very potent CBD strains, Cherry Wine is another Bodhi Urban creation. It has earthy and sweet aromas accompanied by subtle flavors of cherry.
  • Hulk: A Sativa-dominant strain that typically tests at between 15 and 20% CBD. It’s stimulating and uplifting, which means it can be enjoyed throughout the day without locking you into the couch.
  • Lifter: Lifter is a massively popular strain praised for its heady, uplifting effects. It could be just what you need to spark some creativity or give you a burst of clarity and focus.
  • Oregon White CBG: A pale-colored strain bred for its CBG content, Oregon White has over 13% of this “mother cannabinoid” and makes for a great introduction to the benefits of CBG.
  • Sour Space Candy: Sour, sweet, and unique—you can’t go wrong with Sour Space Candy. It’s potent, unforgettable, and incredibly popular as a result.

Other Products

The Primo Gardens range extends beyond premium hemp flowers. Use the menus on the left of its webstore to find all the following product variants:

  • Mixed CBD Hemp Flower Trim: A mixed bag of small hemp flower buds and trimmings. It’s a cheaper way to get your hands on some high-CBD smokables, but it’s not as clean, smooth, or potent as the whole flowers. At the time of writing, it was also out of stock.
  • CBD Capsules: Choose from either 15 mg. or 25 mg. capsules of CBD, with quantities of 25, 100, or 1,000. You’ll pay anywhere from $0.50 to $1 per capsule depending on the strength and quantity.
  • CBD Isolate Crystals: A 99% pure isolate available for $20 for single gram orders or $700 for batches of 50 grams.
  • CBG Distillate: A 90% pure CBG concentrate priced at $35 per gram. 1 ounce or 1 kilo orders are available as well, costing just under $400 and just over $10,000, respectively.

It sells a few topicals and beauty products as well, including CBD-infused beard oil, which you definitely don’t see every day!

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