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Colorado-based Secret Nature was founded in 2017. It is a leading grower and retailer producing small batches of premium hemp in its dedicated greenhouses. It has a small team that combines over two decades of experience in the hemp and cannabis sector, and every day this team harvests, packs, and ships hemp to discerning consumers nationwide.

About Secret Nature CBD

With artisanal flowers, a varied product range, and premium packaging, Secret Nature is quickly becoming a leading force in the US hemp and CBD sector. Everything is organic, top-shelf, and federally compliant, and Secret Nature ensures all its products are independently tested.

Hemp Flower Varietals

All the hemp flowers sold by Secret Nature CBD are classified as “top-shelf,” which means they have been meticulously grown, harvested, and stored under strict conditions and are of the highest quality. You pay a little more for these flowers, but you always get what you pay for.

Secret Nature CBD sells, or has sold, many different hemp flower strains. However, these are subject to availability and at the time of writing, several of them have just gone out of stock.

Stock shortages are rarer with indoor-grown plants, as they can be grown year-round, but they still face shortages from time to time due to unexpected demand and harvesting delays.

  • Papaya Nights: An uplifting Sativa-dominant strain that’s heavy on the tropical flavors and is a great choice for those long summer evenings.
  • Sour Gummi: This hybrid has an impressive 21.4% CBD and offers a balance of sedation and stimulation, all without swinging too heavily in either direction.
  • Diesel Puff: Sticky buds with 19.5% CBD, an uplifting experience, and flavor notes of citrus and pine.
  • Dough Boy: A baked, buttery flavor that has been likened to freshly baked croissants. It has over 20% CBD and provides a smooth and mellow smoke.
  • Sweet Cake: An Indica strain that packs 21% CBD and can help you relax in the evening, preparing you for a long and restful sleep.
  • Secret OG: Frosty green buds covered with purple streaks and loaded with aromas of citrus and gas.
  • Citron: With sweet and sour flavors akin to cloudy lemonade, Citron has 17.8% CBD and is used to provide a creative spark during the day.
  • Frosted Kush: A colorful and flavorful strain with notes of cream and berries, like a delicious full-fat, sugar-laden dessert. It has nearly 21% CBD and can help with night-time relaxation.
  • CBG Rich: An aptly named strain that’s heavy on the CBG, with 15% of this increasingly popular cannabinoid. It has a frosted, all-white coating covering pale green buds.
  • Fuji: A Sativa strain with over 22% CBD and notes of crisp apples, just like its namesake the Fuji apple.
  • Blood Diamond: A hybrid strain delivering 24% CBD and a rainbow of colors, flavors, and aromas provided by a complex terpene profile.
  • Secret Dream: A stimulating, uplifting Sativa strain with notes of sweet fruit and herbal mint.
  • Cherry Cough: With more than 21% CBD and elements of cherry soda and thick cough syrup, this is a sticky sweet treat offering complete relaxation.
  • Cobbler 5: So named because it has a flavor akin to peach cobbler, only this sweet and soothing dessert will also leave you feeling uplifted and stimulated.
  • Space Candy: Notes of apple, candy, and mint combine for an otherworldly experience, with more than 20% CBD.

The aforementioned strains are available in quantities of between 3.5 grams and 28 grams (1 ounce). Use the handy categories on the left side of the Secret Nature CBD webstore to browse by “Feeling,” “Aroma,” and “Strain,” and if you’re looking for large quantities, you can apply for a wholesale account via the “Wholesale” link.

Other Products Sold by Secret Nature CBD

Pre-rolls are available for customers who want something a little more convenient. These ready-to-smoke joints are made using the same top-shelf hemp flowers highlighted above and are sold in packs of 2 or 7, costing $15 and $40 respectively.

It’s relatively cheap for top-shelf pre-rolls, but it’s worth noting that these joints contain just 600mg of hemp flower and not the 1 gram sold elsewhere.

Choose from several different strains, delivering many unique flavors, aromas, and cannabinoid profiles. All packs are air-tight and guaranteed to be odor-free.

Alternatively, Secret Nature sells vape kits that start at $40 a pack and tinctures containing 1 fl. oz. of premium CBD hemp oil.

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