Southern Charm Botanicals Review

Southern Charm Botanicals was founded in 2019 by two CBD enthusiasts from

Memphis, TN. Like so many farmers and producers before them, they got into the CBD game after witnessing the effects that this cannabinoid had on their nearest and dearest. 

Since those early days, they have focused on creating organic, clean, and high-quality hemp flowers and CBD concentrates.

Hemp Flower Varietals

With a variety of indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse-grown strains, Southern Charm has a little something for everyone and its range is growing all the time. Its hemp flowers are packed in quantities from 1g to 28g and cost an average of $10 per gram for smaller orders and $3.5 when purchasing by the ounce.

The available strains include:

  • Abacus: Grown in Tennessee, Abacus is an Indica-dominant strain bred from OG and Purple Urkel. It is a great resin producer and its frosty nugs have a very sweet smell.
  • Bubba’s Truck Shop: A unique strain that produces a rare mixture of effects, with a strong body sedation combined with a cerebral head high.
  • Scarlett: Although it sounds like a new strain, Scarlett is just Haute Wife, which was produced by High Alpine Genetics. It is grown in Tennessee and produces fruity and citrusy aromas.
  • Sour Lifter: Lifter is one of the country’s best-loved strains and Sour Lifter takes it to new levels, introducing gassy and fruity aromas.
  • Sour Space Candy: If it’s gassy you want, give this strain a try. It has a tongue-twisting sourness that makes for an incredibly unique and thoroughly enjoyable smoke.
  • Hawaiian Haze: A unique, tropical smoke that lingers long on the palate.
  • The White CBG: Grown outdoors in Oregon, The White is quickly earning legendary status and is currently one of the best ways to get your dose of CBG.
  • Frosted Lime: An uplifting strain that you probably shouldn’t smoke before bed. Frosted Lime is as fruity and sharp as its name suggests and is grown hydroponically in Tennessee.
  • Master Hemp: A frosty, potent varietal bred for purity and flavor, Master Hemp has received a wealth of good reviews, with many users highlighting it as their favorite Southern Charm strain. 
  • Strawberry Cake: Initially bred in Switzerland, before being grown in Tennessee, Strawberry Cake is loaded with sweet flavors and offers a smooth and relaxing smoke.
  • El Presidente: A T1 cultivar grown under strict conditions in South Carolina, El Presidente is spicy, sweet, and peppery.
  • Cherry Crème: With more than 21% CBD and a high concentration of terpenes, Cherry Crème offers potency and pungency.

Other Products

Southern Charm specializes in hemp flowers, and as noted above, there is no shortage of them for sale. It also stocks a few dabs and oils. While there is a section for bath and body products on its site, it is empty at the time of writing.

In general, the Southern Charm Botanicals website isn’t the best and looks a little dated and empty. That said, it’s not a design agency, it’s just a small CBD brand focusing on producing premium strains, so we’ll give it a pass.

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