Terp Nation Review

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds that produce the aromas, flavors, and even the benefits associated with hemp and other beneficial plants. They are an essential part of every plant’s chemical composition and when you extract those compounds, you have a pungent, potent, and flavorful product on your hands.

That’s where Terp Nation comes in. It sells terpene extracts in a variety of flavors. These tinctures can be added to herbs, oils, and vape juices, providing you with a natural and healthy flavor boost. 

They should always be diluted, as terpenes are dangerous in their pure form. 

Terp Nation Products and Flower Varietals

Terp Nation is all about terpene extracts and CBD cartridges, and there is no shortage of them to choose from. They are sold in 1 ml. vials and 0.5 ml. cartridges, and you can browse all current flavors on the Terp Nation website.

It also stocks flowers and pre-rolls.

The pre-rolls are branded as “TKO by Terp Nation,” and there are several options available:

  • TKO CBD Caviar: These joints are packed with industrial hemp flower, before being coated in CBD concentrate and topped with a little isolate. It’s like a moon rock in joint form, and you’ll get over 400mg of CBD in every roll.
  • TKO CBD Kief: Filled with industrial hemp and rolled in kief, these potent little sticks are packed with 275 mg. of CBD.
  • TKO Blunts: Made from a variety of flavors and strains, these joints contain over 100 mg. of CBD. They are hand-rolled with an organic wrap before being individually packaged and sent to stores nationwide.

As for the flowers, they are sold in 7-gram jars and include the following popular strains:

  • Lifter: A strain we have reviewed many times before, Lifter is aromatic and uplifting.
  • Suver Haze: You always know what you’re getting with Suver Haze. It’s potent, flavorful, and relaxing.
  • Cherry Wine: A sweet and slightly cheesy strain created by crossing Charlotte’s Cherries with The Wife.
  • Cherry Blossom: Cherry and berry flavors combine to create a punch of delicious flavors with soothing effects.
  • Special Sauce: Sharp, astringent, and gassy-Special Sauce is as unique as its name suggests.
  • Elektra: A cross between ERB and ACDC, Elektra flowers are dense, aromatic, and filled with flavors of pine and earth.
  • Boax: A refreshing strain that helps to boost your creativity and perk you up during the day.

How to Buy Terp Nation Products

Terp Nation’s products are sold exclusively to wholesale customers. Its website states that it “no longer” accepts retail orders, so we can only assume that it once did and there is a chance that it might do so again in the future.

Until then, you can find these extracts and terpenes in dispensaries across the United States. A few online retailers also stock them. There isn’t actually a list of their stock on their website, so you’ll have to run a Google search and do some research.

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