Umami Hemp Review

Located in Garden Grove, CA, the Umami Hemp Company produces premium hemp flowers that are sold in quantities of 1/8th’s and higher. The family-owned company is backed by years of experience and is quickly making a name for itself in the smokable hemp space.

About Umami Hemp Company

Umami Hemp is named after the Umami brothers, as opposed to the supposed “fifth taste.” They cultivated their first crop back in 2006 and have been growing high-quality hemp ever since. 

In 2020, the brothers launched a greenhouse facility in Southern California that focuses on producing only top-shelf hemp while researching new strains. This allowed the brand to expand into new areas and continue its journey to become one of the nation’s biggest hemp companies.

Hemp Flower Varietals

Umami Hemp sells loose flowers and pre-rolls. The flowers sell for around $30 per ounce and $700 per pound, while the pre-rolls sell for $10 to $12. It’s good value if you’re buying large quantities of flowers but the joints are a little pricey.

On the plus side, they contain 1 gram of premium flower and are individually packed before being sealed with wax. It has an artisanal feel to it, looks fantastic, and once you crack the wax, you’ll be hit with a wave of pungent aromas. 

What’s more is that, at the time of writing, there were discounts reducing these prices by several dollars and making them much more reasonable.

  • SKG Artisan Craft CBD: This Sativa-dominant strain produces huge, dense nugs with gassy and piney flavors. It tests at over 10% CBD and is one of Umami Hemp’s most popular strains.
  • Snowman CBG: Named for its pale, white appearance, Snowman CBG is a hybrid that delivers close to 15% total cannabinoids.
  • Blueberry Pie: A sumptuous name for a delicious strain, this indoor-grown Sativa-dominant Hybrid is super fruity and sweet.
  • Lemon Haze: A timeless strain that has a distinctive citrus flavor and is best enjoyed as an uplifting morning smoke.
  • Gelato: Bred from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato is as creamy and delicious as its namesake.

Other Products

You won’t find concentrates, edibles, and other CBD products at Umami Hemp. Regardless, it does offer something known as a “Starter Pack,” and if you have a few hundred bucks to spare and want a big bundle of quality hemp, it’s worth taking a look.

The Starter Pack is on sale for $350 at the time of writing and contains products with a retail value of $875. It includes 50 pre-rolls (totaling 50 grams), 5 eighths, and 2 ounces. It’s a great way to save money on top-shelf hemp while sampling the brand’s many different strains.

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