A Guide to AC Diesel Hemp Flowers

AC Diesel is a relaxing strain with proven genetics, strong flavors, and high CBD content. It was bred from a combination of the Cali classic Sour Diesel and the medicinal powerhouse ACDC. 

First produced in 2018, the year that the Farm Bill was passed and the US hemp industry changed forever, AC Diesel is an impressive and sought-after strain that’s worthy of being included in any stash.

AC Diesel Hemp Flower Review

Averaging around 18% CBD, with the merest whiff of THC, AC Diesel was bred to deliver a maximum dose of this cannabinoid, helping users unlock its curative properties.

Its dense little flowers, alive with vibrant greens and warming reds, provide a knockout blow of aromas that invade your senses. This complexity of flavor is provided by terpenes like Pinene and Caryophyllene, the same compounds found in pine needles and hops.

AC Diesel Aroma and Flavors

Not only does AC Diesel contain a potent mixture of Pinene and Caryophyllene, but these terpenes are found in higher concentrations here than they are in many other strains, making for a pungent, nose-tinging, and pervasive bouquet.

The gassy, cheesy sourness stems from the Sour Diesel parent strain while ACDC lends an earthiness and imparts some notes of spice, herbs, and fruit.

Benefits of AC Diesel Hemp Flowers

The benefits of AC Diesel are easy to tie down, as countless users report to feeling more relaxed and pain-free after consuming these smokable flowers. It’s no surprise—after all, ACDC, its parent strain, is one of the best-known medicinal varieties in the industry.

Its effects, however, are a little more ambiguous. It’s a hybrid strain and makes some users feel sedated and tired, but many others report feeling wide awake and productive while smoking it.

There may be some kind of indirect effect at play here, especially for medicinal users. After all, if you’re used to struggling with niggling pains, depression, and nausea, and suddenly those issues disappear, it’s only natural that you’ll feel some sense of elation. You’ll be happier and maybe even more energetic, as you no longer have to worry about all those minor ailments holding you back. 

By the same token, if you’re smoking hemp flowers for their recreational benefits and don’t have any aches, pains, or other issues, you may feel more of a sedative punch. It all comes down to the user, their tolerance, and the dose.

Try it for yourself, experiment with dose and timing and see what works for you. This is especially helpful for medicinal users, as AC Diesel ranks among the best therapeutic strains.  

Closing Thoughts: AC Diesel Hemp Flowers

As a combination of Sour Diesel and ACDC, AC Diesel delivers a promising mix of aromas, effects, and aesthetics, creating some truly extraordinary hemp flowers. It’s widely available and fairly reasonably priced—we found a few dispensaries selling 3.5-gram jars for around $20 to $25.

If you like sour strains, enjoy flowers with a kick, and smoke CBD for its medicinal effects, add some of these smokable flowers to your collection.

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