A Guide to Alpen Gleaux CBD Hemp Flowers

Alpen Gleaux is an autoflower hemp strain that comes from High Alpine Genetics. It grows quickly and produces much larger buds than other autoflowering strains.

It provides rapid yields, Indica effects, and a bouquet of floral aromas, making for a strain that will prove popular with both cultivators and smokers.

Alpen Gleaux Hemp Flower Review

Alpen Gleaux is a truly distinctive strain and one that will stand out on any shelf.

The large fluffy flowers showcase a deep purple hue, with specks of orange and green.

There is a light crystal coating covering the leaves but many of these little hairs are trapped inside and when you pinch or break the buds, you’ll release some gassy and sour aromas.

Cannabinoid Content

Although the cannabinoid content varies by phenotype, Alpen Gleaux’s total cannabinoid content is around 10%, with 8-9% CBD.

It’s not super high, and there are certainly more potent strains out there, but what it lacks in potency it makes up for in visual appearance, aromas, and flavors.

Alpen Gleaux Aroma and Flavors

Alpen Gleaux has a very perfumy aroma, like strong gin or cologne.

There is a touch of sweetness, with flavors of fresh apples and candied strawberries, but the overriding flavors are gassy and skunky, like sweet kush. As far as the taste goes, it’s thick, earthy, and skunky, like an old-school cannabis strain.

Benefits of Alpen Gleaux

Alpen Gleaux is often cultivated indoors, ensuring those deep purple hues are allowed to shine through.

However, as the CBD content is a little on the short side, it’s not the most potent smoke and may leave you wanting in that area.

It is mild, relaxing, and balanced.

The medicinal effects are definitely there, but they are not as prominent as other strains.

It’s an Indica varietal that doesn’t hit hard and leave you sedated and groggy, which means you can use it throughout the day to help you wind down and relax.

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