A Guide to Casino Cookies Hemp Flowers

Casino Cookies is a name that manages to sound both delicious and disgusting at the same time, conjuring images of freshly baked cookies as well as poker chips and cheap complimentary casino snacks. 

It’s a Sativa-leaning hybrid born from a marriage of Wookies and AF4. Very little is known about the latter of these strains, so while we know that Wookies lends woody, herby flavors and a sense of calm, we’re not sure what AF4 offers. The background of Casino Cookies is also somewhat of a mystery.

That said, when the product is so flavorful, calming, and intense, who cares about heritage?

Casino Cookies Hemp Flower Review

CBD levels generally hover around 20%, making Casino Cookies an incredibly potent strain. The actual cannabinoid content will depend on the phenotype, but it’s usually on the high side.

With regard to the terpenes, the spicy Caryophyllene takes the spotlight but there is a moderate concentration of other compounds, delivering notes of herbs, flowers, fruits, and earth.

Casino Cookies Aroma and Flavors

Casino Cookies hemp flowers have relatively mild but pleasant flavors, and you’ll detect sweet, woody, and earthy notes. The high levels of Caryophyllene, also found in hops and black pepper, imparts spicy undertones reminiscent of cloves and cinnamon, while complimentary terpenes introduce fragrant lavender.

The finish is one of sour cheese and bitter lemon. It’s not overly pleasant, but it’s also not too intense and will please fans of sour strains like Sour Space Candy and Cheese.

Benefits of Casino Cookies Hemp Flowers

These smokable flowers have a tendency to make you groggy, but only in higher doses and with inexperienced users. Initially, you may feel a mild relaxation followed by an improvement in focus and mental clarity. As this fades, the brain fog may kick in and tiredness will follow, meaning it’s not the best daytime or social strain.

As with any strain, however, the results vary. It’s best to start with small doses later in the day and then gauge your reaction. 

Closing Thoughts: Casino Cookies Hemp Flowers

Although its parent strains are quite rare, especially AF4, Casino Cookies hemp flowers are relatively easier to come across. We found a few phenotypes selling for just $7 per gram, a very reasonable price for such a potent strain.

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