A Guide to CBD God Hemp Flowers

With a name like CBD God, it’s fair to say that expectations are pretty high going into this one. It’s like when you wear your most flamboyant sunglasses and gold-sequined jacket to a party—you’re making a statement that you better be able to back up.

The herb with the godly name was created in response to a need for better, stronger, and more reliable hemp flowers. It was bred from a combination of Purple Indica and Hawaiian, providing a balanced array of effects, along with a CBD content worthy of its name.

CBD God Hemp Flower Review

CBD God is a potent variety with only a trace amount of THC. It was bred to maximize the CBD levels and produce something that could benefit medicinal users.

Not only will you avoid the psychoactive effects of THC, but you’ll also swerve the heady and sedating effects associated with strong Sativa or Indica strains. It was created from two strains that provide opposing effects, one uplifting and the other sedating. In doing so, it becomes balanced, neutral.

The flowers showcase an impressive layer of trichomes alongside intense greens and hints of orange, red, and purple. It’s a cosmic mix of colors worthy of any godlike strain.

CBD God Aroma and Flavors

Hawaiian heritage imparts many fruity and tropical flavors into these attractive little nugs. You may detect notes of burnt wood, fragrant pine, bitter lemon, and sour diesel, but these are not very prominent and it’s not the most pungent strain we have come across. Then again, CBD God wasn’t bred for its flavors or aromas—it’s all about its effects.

Benefits of CBD God Hemp Flowers

Forget about flavor, CBD God is all about the health benefits, and there is no shortage of those. Users report feeling calmer, happier, and more at ease. They also suggest that it can help with everything from joint pain and muscle pain to headaches and sickness.

It contains only a minor whiff of THC that greatly limits the risk of strong psychoactive effects and sedation, while also reducing side effects such as nausea, headaches, dry mouth, and paranoia.  

CBD God is best used as a therapeutic strain, although it’s one you will need to approach with some degree of caution. It tends to be very grating on the throat and heavy on the lungs, so it may trigger some coughing and irritation among inexperienced users.

Closing Thoughts: CBD God Hemp Flowers

God may be omnipresent, but CBD God certainly isn’t, as these hemp flowers aren’t easy to find. What’s more, this rarity, along with the hefty CBD content and premium status, makes CBD God expensive.

It’s worth adding some smokable flowers to your stash if you can find them, especially if you use hemp/CBD for its curative properties. If not, and you like the sound of CBD God, take a look at ACDC, another potent medicinal strain.

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