A Guide to CBG OG Hemp Flowers

CBD has dominated the legal hemp industry ever since the 2018 Farm Bill was signed. It’s the cannabinoid that everyone wants, from the breeders that create CBD-heavy strains to the users that smoke, vape, and consume it by the ounce. It’s a craze that’s still alive and well, and it’s one that is always growing. However, as the industry grows, breeders are looking toward other opportunities and for many, CBG is considered to be the next in line.

CBG has not been researched as much as CBD, but the early signs suggest that it could be just as effective. As a result, we’ve seen a number of high-CBG strains hit the market over the last couple of years, and CBG OG is one of the best. Despite what its name might suggest, it probably wasn’t the first CBG strain, so it’s definitely not the “original” in that sense, but it’s one of the most popular and influential.

CBG OG Hemp Flower Review

The history of CBG OG has been heavily debated and no one is quite sure what its parents are. However, there are suggestions that it may have been bred from a combination of Pink Lemonade, Black Cherry Soda, and Original Glue, as well as another CBG-dominant strain.

Regardless of its origins, CBG OG produces potent and attractive buds, with chunky leaves, flecks of golden hairs, and a crystal coating. They look like little candied buds and some phenotypes also express notes of purple and blue.

The flowers contain high amounts of CBG, a cannabinoid said to possess many of the same benefits and effects as CBD.

CBG OG Aroma and Flavors

CBG OG has a potent but relatively inoffensive aroma, with notes of strong tea, bitter chamomile, and calming lavender. It’s a pervasive smell that hints at its floral flavors and soothing effects.

If you enjoy strong-tasting hemp flowers but don’t like sour, skunky, or gassy strains, CBG OG could be just what you’re looking for.

Benefits of CBG OG Hemp Flowers

CBG offers many of the same benefits as CBD and when combined with terpenes and flavanols, it becomes a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. CBG OG also has medicinal benefits and could help to clear your head and spike your creativity without making you tired or groggy.

The effects come on quickly and will stay with you for a couple of hours, and the lack of sedating effects means you can smoke these flowers at any time of the day. Some users report feeling less anxious and stressed, and there are also suggestions that CBG OG can help to stimulate the appetite.

Closing Thoughts: CBG OG Hemp Flowers

CBG strains aren’t as plentiful as CBD variants. More are being bred and cultivated all the time, but it has a long way to go before it can match its bigger and better-known sibling. As a result, CBG OG doesn’t have a great deal of competition, but its balanced effects, chunky buds, and pungent aroma mean it will remain a popular and powerful strain even when those variants begin to arrive in the dozens.

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