A Guide to Cherry Sweet Hemp Flowers

Hemp strains can be misleading. They suggest flavors that you can’t always detect and colors that you will never see.

With Cherry Sweet, there are no such issues. You’re getting exactly what you would expect. 

It’s sweet and has a rich cherry flavor. Like a sugary dessert enjoyed at the end of a long evening, it lingers on your palate and sets you up for a relaxing, soothing, and memorable night.

Cherry Sweet CBD Hemp Flower Review

Cherry Sweet hemp flowers are the product of breeding Cherry Cherry with Sweet, creating a strain that has the best of both worlds. The smell will hit you as soon as you pop the seal, but it’s not all sweetness and berries.

You’ll detect a pungency that lingers on the nose and the tongue. It’s sharp, peppery, and cheesy, blending flavors of chili peppers, cracked black pepper, bitter lemon, and blue cheese.

If that sounds like a little too much, don’t worry, because while the flavors are eclectic, they are also relatively mild and, as such, won’t overwhelm you. 

Cannabinoid Content

On average, Cherry Sweet measures at between 11% and 16% CBD, but it depends on the farmer and cultivation methods. It doesn’t have an issue staying within the 0.3% THC guidelines and is a good oil producer, making it a popular strain with growers and consumers.

Benefits of Cherry Sweet Hemp Flowers

It may take a while for Cherry Sweet hemp flowers to work their magic, but once they do, you’ll feel mild relaxation that gradually increases in intensity. 

Smoke a joint before bed and it will help to declutter your mind and rid you of those troublesome stresses and worries. It’s not quite a couch-lock strain, but it is sedating and relaxing and is best reserved for nighttime smokes.

Closing Thoughts: Cherry Sweet Hemp Flowers 

If you like your smokable hemp flowers mild, sweet, and subtle, Cherry Sweet could be just what you’re looking for. It’s a CBD-heavy, cherry-flavored strain that tastes great in a joint, bong, or vape.

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