A Guide to Critical Mass Hemp Flowers

Critical Mass is considered to be one of the best CBD-rich hemp strains on the market. It has been around for a long time and has gained a substantial following in that time, with many users praising it for its mild but reliable effects and medicinal qualities.

The heritage of this strain isn’t well known but its genetics are consistent enough to suggest that it has been bred multiple times, making it very stable.

Critical Mass Hemp Flower Review

Critical Mass gets its name from its large nugs. They’re not exactly huge, but they are larger than normal and are also very voluminous. 

Visually speaking, there isn’t much else going on here and the colors are pretty standard and dull, showcasing shades of green sprinkled with occasional yellow hairs.

Critical Mass Aroma and Flavors

The most prominent aroma is sweet pine and spicy hops. It’s soothing, pleasing, and that’s just the start. Once you light those smokable herbs and take a drag, you’ll be hit with a pungent and almost overpowering wave of burnt wood and wet earth, with only the mildest suggestion of tropical fruits, lemon rind, and cloves.

Benefits of Critical Mass Hemp Flowers

Despite the name and size of this strain, Critical Mass is not the strongest. It won’t lock you to the couch or provide a major injection of energy. It’s relatively balanced and offers effects that sit somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.

As a result, it’s better suited for daytime smokers, as well as those seeking relief from aches and pains without the side effect of sedation. You’ll remain in control of your mind and body and can continue going about your usual activities, whether you’re chatting with friends, conferencing with clients, or doing some household chores.

The high CBD concentration, in combination with the plant’s many terpenes and flavanols, provide the effects that you seek and could help with an array of ailments. These compounds have an anti-inflammatory effect and also work as antioxidants, although, as far as the latter is concerned, you may be offsetting those benefits by smoking the flowers.

Some users report suffering from dry eyes throughout the experience and others complain about feeling groggy afterward, but such issues are rare with CBD strains in general and they are even rarer here. 

If you’re smoking joints or bongs you may experience a harsh grating at the back of your throat, which is more of an issue for inexperienced users, leading to coughing and irritation. However, this can be avoided by vaping the flowers or just smoking smaller quantities until you’re accustomed to the harshness.

Closing Thoughts: Critical Mass Hemp Flowers

Critical Mass is not a knockout strain. It doesn’t deliver a one-two hit of flavor and effects and may not be ideal for veteran smokers seeking a heavy Indica or Sativa experience. 

However, it certainly has its uses and is ideal if you need something a little more balanced that emphasizes the curative properties while keeping strong mental effects at bay.

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