A Guide to Fiona Hemp Flowers

The 2018 Farm Bill changed the hemp industry overnight. It was the catalyst for a massive influx of new strains, pushing CBD levels higher and creating more advanced and unique terpene profiles. Fiona is a great example, as it delivers a massive dose of CBD and promises rich flavors and beautifully colored buds.

Fiona Hemp Flower Review

The cannabinoid content of Fiona hemp flowers is entirely dependent on the phenotype and can differ considerably. Generally, however, it tops 20% CBD, with only trace amounts of THC.

The buds are small, compact, and neat, with bright green leaves and golden hairs. Under the right conditions, they can also sprout a coating of glistening trichomes, creating a frosty appearance and intensifying the effects.

Benefits of Fiona Hemp Flowers

Fiona doesn’t have the strongest flavors or aromas. It lacks the overpowering sourness of Sour Diesel and Sour Space Candy and there is none of the distinctive sweetness associated with Bubblegum, Berry, and Cherry strains. Regardless, just like ACDC and a few other popular varietals, it’s all about the cannabinoids and their medicinal effects.

One toke and your problems will melt away. It’s not a couch-lock strain and you might not even feel its physical effects, but there is an obvious clarity that comes with these smokable flowers.

Closing Thoughts: Fiona Hemp Flowers

Balanced effects combine with inoffensive flavors to create a strain that is best enjoyed during those long and difficult evenings or afternoons. 

It might leave you a little groggy a few hours after smoking, so it’s not a great “wake and bake” strain, but a smoke during the evening should be enough to perk you up, cheer you up, and leave you tired just in time for bed.

If you suffer from chronic pain, sickness, and headaches, you may also benefit from smoking a few Fiona hemp flowers every now and then.

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