A Guide to Remedy Hemp Flowers

Remedy is a calming strain that is as curative as its name suggests. It is a blend of fragrant aromas and reliable effects that formed as a marriage between two classic CBD strains: Afghan Skunk and Cannatonic.

It’s balanced but strong; intense but manageable, and that’s why Remedy is one of the most popular strains on the market today.

Remedy Hemp Flower Review

Remedy hemp flowers display pale leaves and a fine coating of crystals. The buds are fairly dense, and you may notice some hints of purple and orange peeking through.

Jars of these smokable flowers are quite common and we found a few different dispensaries selling them. Generally, you can pick up some high-grade flowers for around $9 per gram.

Cannabinoid Content

As with all hemp strains, the cannabinoid content of Remedy hemp flowers varies depending on the phenotype. However, if we use the variety sold by Cannaflower as an example, it contains just under 11.5% total CBD, close to 10.19% of which consists of CBDa.

It also has around 0.10% CBC and CBG, along with less than 0.30% THC, ensuring it stays well within legal guidelines. 

Remedy Aroma and Flavors

The flavors of Remedy hemp flowers are far from subtle. They hit hard and fast, with notes of spice and fruit carried on a wave of skunk. It’s surprisingly pungent and is definitely not for inexperienced users.

At first, there is a fruitiness akin to orange peel, followed by the intense and almost aggressive flavors of earthy skunk. As the smoke leaves your lungs, the sourness remains, but more experienced users may notice elements of cracked black pepper, cloves, and juniper berries.

Terpene Profile

Remedy has high levels of both Myrcene and Caryophyllene, delivering aromas of spice, hops, and fruit. The total terpenes content is between 1% and 1.5% and in addition to these antioxidant powerhouses, Remedy also contains Pinene, Limonene, and Humulene.

In combination with Remedy’s cannabinoid content, along with its flavanols and other natural compounds, this creates a balanced, hearty mix of compounds and produces many beneficial effects.

Benefits of Remedy Hemp Flowers

As noted above, Remedy hemp flowers are rich in beneficial compounds that produce antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, assisting with everything from chronic pain and headaches to general well-being. 

It’s this mix of compounds that make hemp flowers so beneficial, which is why they have been the subject of countless medical studies and promising research. 

That’s not all, either, as these smokable flowers are known to provide sensations of calm and sedation, helping you relax and unwind. As the name suggests, Remedy is known for its instantly-felt medicinal benefits, much more so than many other strains.

It’s not going to take away chronic back pain, severe migraines, or other serious issues, but it could take the edge off and reduce their prevalence. It has also been known to help with insomnia, joint inflammation, and gastrointestinal distress.

On the mental side of things, Remedy is relaxing and will help you clear away those cobwebs, all while allowing you to complete demanding tasks and relax. It all feeds into its reputation as a medicinal strain because you can smoke it to achieve those therapeutic effects without worrying about brain fog or drowsiness.

Closing Thoughts: Remedy Hemp Flowers

If you’re looking for smokable hemp flowers that will overload your senses and provide strong feelings of euphoria or sedation, Remedy may not be the strain for you. However, if you’re chasing medicinal benefits, it’s great.

Everyone reacts differently, but countless hemp smokers use Remedy flowers to help with persistent pain, mental health issues, and physical distress—it’s a tasty, smooth, and thoroughly enjoyable way to cure what ails you.

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