A Guide to Royal Highness Hemp Flowers

The Royal Highness hemp strain is said to be named after the glittering appearance of the buds, like a diamond set into the crown jewels. You’ll be bowing and curtseying in front of these stunning little nugs, which could find a well-deserved place among your stash of smokable flowers.

Bred from a combination of the rare Respect strain and the little-known Dancehall strain, Royal Highness is a clear-headed Hybrid that leans slightly toward Sativa.

Royal Highness Hemp Flower Review

A musty, earthy pungency takes the lead with Royal Highness hemp flowers. It’s strong and claws at the back of your nose and throat, and while it’s not necessarily unpleasant, it might be too much for inexperienced smokers.

If you’re used to strong and earthier strains, you will detect some more delicate flavors and aromas, including notes of charred wood, sweet mint, and spicy ginger. There is also a metallic bitterness similar to fresh basil.

Benefits of Royal Highness Hemp Flowers

The CBD content of Royal Highness typically exceeds 20% and the THC is negligible at best. Once you add its many strong terpenes to the mix, you have a potent medicinal strain that could help with a number of physical and medical ailments, including everything from anxiety and depression to joint pain and headaches.

It all depends on the user, of course, but even if you don’t feel the impact of its apparent psychoactive effects, you can benefit from the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds.

Royal Highness hemp flowers may help you relax and unwind—it’ll clear your head and make you feel relaxed without being overly sedating. It’s also long-lasting, more so than many other CBD-dominant strains.

Closing Thoughts: Royal Highness Hemp Flowers

The sustained clarity provided by Royal Highness hemp flowers makes them ideal for medicinal use. You can smoke a joint in the afternoon and reap the benefits until the evening. Experienced users should be able to ride the effects without a hint of grogginess, but others will find that it slows them down after a couple of hours.

We recommend taking a hit or two in the evening to gauge its effects. If it works for you and doesn’t make you too tired, try smoking some earlier in the day. Eventually, you will find your ideal dose and time, which will help you determine how you can maximize the benefits that you get from this herb.

These flowers aren’t as plentiful as strains like ACDC, The Wife, Lifter, and other popular varietals, but you can find them in a few high-end dispensaries. If you’re lucky enough to stumble across a few, make sure you add them to your stash.

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