A Guide to Sapphire Hemp Flowers

Sapphires are beautiful blue gems known for their striking color and exceptional hardness—harder than steel, but not quite on par with diamonds. Sapphire hemp flowers are not quite as tough (which is great news for your grinder!) but they can be just as distinctive and beautiful.

Sapphire hemp has a rich heritage that combines the Cherry line with the popular Canna-Tsu, creating a strain that is as potent as it is striking.

Sapphire Hemp Flower Review

The blue tones of Sapphire CBD can vary depending on the phenotype and aren’t always noticeable at first glance. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll see tones of blueish-purple nestled between the frosty green leaves. The orange hairs are abundant as well, looking like carrot shavings in a blue cheese salad.

The cheesy similarities extend beyond its appearance, as Sapphire hemp flowers also emit a noticeably skunky aroma. It’s not quite on par with Cheese strains and it also lacks the intense gassy notes of Diesel, but you’ll definitely detect them when you break the seal on your first bag of smokable flowers.

You’ll also notice sweet and fruity elements—berries, candied fruits, subtle spices. Take a deep drag and these flavors become more prominent before finishing with unmistakable bitter and gassy notes.

Benefits of Sapphire Hemp Flowers

Sapphire hemp flowers are very mild. They are almost completely devoid of THC, with only the smallest of traces, and most phenotypes hover around 13% to 15% CBD—more than enough to satisfy your needs. The low levels of THC, combined with the CBD and an abundance of flavorful terpenes, makes this an ideal choice for medicinal users.

It will clear your head, calm your stress, and take away aches and pains. You’ll also have some beautiful flowers that look great on your shelf and add an extra dimension to your hemp flower stash.

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