A Guide to Shark Shock CBD Hemp Flowers

As a marijuana strain, Shark Shock CBD has been around for a long time and has a large following. It’s high in CBD and THC and delivers a one-two punch of medicinal and recreational effects. As a CBD strain, Shark Shock takes away that THC and focuses purely on this legal and extremely popular cannabinoid.

Often known simply as “Shark,” Shark Shock CBD isn’t that common, and you may struggle to find any smokable flowers in your local dispensary. However, that may change as the industry continues to grow and producers seek reliable strains that they know customers will enjoy.

Shark Shock Hemp Flower Review

Shark Shock CBD produces lightly-packed, medium-sized flowers. Even if they have been harvested and stored properly, they may break apart like overdried flowers, sending trichomes and loose leaves tumbling to the floor. 

We recommend using a multi-chamber grinder. Not only will it finely grind the flowers with just a few twists, but it will capture all the hairs and leave you with some high-quality kief after you’ve finished.

CBD levels are high, and they contain only minute traces of THC. However, the actual percentages can differ considerably depending on the phenotype.

Shark Shock Aroma and Flavors

Shark Shock CBD has a refreshing minty aroma and rich herbal flavors. It’s floral, fragrant, bitter, and woody. 

You’ll detect a menthol flavor at first—it’s subtle and not as prominent as it is in a menthol cigarette, but it’s detectable, nonetheless. This is followed by a heavy dose of earth and pine, with a slightly gassy and bitter finish.

Benefits of Shark Shock Hemp Flowers

A few tokes of these smokable flowers could be enough to clear your head, soothe your stress, and prepare you for a relaxing evening. It works fairly quickly and it doesn’t slow you down, so it won’t be a hindrance if you have work or chores to complete. 

It’s probably not the best option if you struggle to sleep or need a creative pick-me-up, and there are better strains out there for both of these moods, but if you’re seeking a mellow smoke that isn’t too heavy one way or the other, it could be ideal.

Closing Thoughts: Shark Shock Hemp Flowers

Shark Shock CBD is a fairly balanced strain. Aromatically speaking, it lacks the punch of Sour Diesel, Sour Space Candy, and Cheese, and as far as its effects go, it’s not overly sedating either.

In some ways, it offers the best of both worlds, making it a suitable strain for both experienced and inexperienced users.

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