A Guide to Solomatic Hemp Flowers

The Solomatic hemp strain is thought to hail from the illustrious Diesel line, although its exact origin is somewhat of a mystery and it doesn’t share many qualities with this very sour family tree. It’s a high-CBD strain with incredibly low levels of THC and some soothing, calming effects that get the job done without knocking you out or locking you to the couch.

Solomatic Hemp Flower Review

Solomatic can surpass 20% CBD, all while keeping THC levels to a minimum and easily staying within the 0.3% legal guidelines.

Its buds have been described as “chaotic,” with disordered patterns of leaves and hairs that make for a messy yet eye-catching appearance. 

Solomatic Aroma and Flavors

What Solomatic lacks in style it makes up for in substance, as Solomatic hemp flowers are packed with flavor, combining spicy notes of ginger and pepper with sweet fruits and strong pine.

It’s an assault on the senses, an olfactory cornucopia that lingers long after you have cracked the seal. Once you take a drag, many of those sweet flavors fade away and are replaced by heavy gassy tones, reminiscent of the strain’s Diesel heritage. 

It’s not as hard-hitting as Sour Diesel or Sour Space Candy and will be a little more palatable to inexperienced smokers, but the fuel flavors are unmistakable.

Benefits of Solomatic Hemp Flowers

Solomatic is soothing but not sedating, so it will calm your mind and clear those daily stresses away without making much of a physical impact. It’s the ideal strain if you want to attain some mental balance without being slowed down by physical sedation. 

Your tolerance and preference will ultimately determine the best time to enjoy these smokable flowers, but many users find that they are best used in the evening after a long day of work or chores. It’s just the ticket when you want to forget about your troubles and watch some TV, play some video games, or even work on a creative project.

Closing Thoughts: Solomatic Hemp Flowers

A quick etymology lesson for you: the word “solo” comes from the Latin “solus,” meaning “alone,” while the suffix “matic” has Greek origins and essentially means “willing to.”

Solomatic may sound like a random name thrown together because it sounds cool, and maybe it is, but it could also hint at its sedating, relaxing properties. After all, it is a strain that’s best enjoyed when you’re on your own and want to chill out for a few hours.

A few major online retailers sell Solomatic hemp seeds, allowing growers to cultivate this plant for themselves, but the final product is notably absent. You may have more luck in your local dispensary. If so, we recommend picking up a batch of flowers and trying this strain for yourself.

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