A Guide to Sunset Road Sherbet Hemp Flowers

Not a great deal is known about Sunset Road Sherbet, except that it has one of the most intriguing names we’ve ever come across. We also know that Sherbet is one of its parent strains and that it never fails to deliver when it comes to strong flavors and therapeutic effects.

Sunset Road Sherbet Hemp Flower Review

Sunset Road Sherbet hemp flowers are some of the strongest on the market, topping 20% CBD on average. This puts the strain on par with the likes of T1 and The Wife, making it a great choice for medicinal use. 

Although it is often described as a Sativa-dominant strain, its parent strain, Sherbet, leans more toward Indica. 

Sherbet is very strong and produces some beautiful flowers, with vibrant greens and oranges dusted in a coating of trichomes. 

As for Sunset Road Sherbet—its sought-after offspring—the hemp flowers are not as easy-on-the-eye, but they still have strong colors and an unmistakable frostiness.

Sunset Road Sherbet Aroma and Flavors

As you would expect for a strain named after a sweet dessert, Sunset Road Sherbet is full of sweet and floral flavors. You’ll also detect elements of spice and skunk, and every drag leaves behind bitter flavors.

If you ask for Sherbet in the United Kingdom, you won’t get a creamy frozen treat. Instead, you’ll be given a sweet and sour candy, not unlike a lemon drop (which, incidentally, also has a hemp strain named after it). It’s often sold in powder form, like Pixy Stix, and it’s those bitter, sweet, and powdery flavors that we thought about when we smoked Sunset Road Sherbet.

In that sense, it’s somewhat similar to Sour Space Candy, albeit with more of the fruit flavors common in cherry and berry strains.

Needless to say, there is a lot happening here, and while that’s usually a good thing, the complexity, along with the lingering bitterness, means this isn’t a great strain for novice users.

Benefits of Sunset Road Sherbet Hemp Flowers

The effects of Sunset Road Sherbet hemp flowers come on slowly and vary from user to user. Initially, you’ll be hit with a calming wave, one that extends from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. 

Your stresses, strains, aches, and pains will melt away, replaced by a sense of euphoria that promotes wellbeing and could help with anxiety and depression. We wouldn’t exactly call it a productive strain, and you may feel groggy toward the end of the experience. However, it’s also not a couch-lock, knockout strain either.

It sits somewhere in the middle, striking a balance between productive, energetic, creative, and sedative.

We find that it’s best enjoyed during the evening, preferably while you’re relaxing with a good book or binging your favorite show. 

Closing Thoughts: Sunset Road Sherbet Hemp Flowers

We found quite a few dispensaries selling Sunset Road Sherbet phenotypes and all offered more than 20% CBD. In fact, one of them went as high as 24%, a massive dose of this sought-after cannabinoid. 

It’s a great way to get your daily dose of CBD, especially when you consider that most dispensaries sell for around $10 a gram. That may sound like a lot, and when you compare it to other popular strains it certainly is, but on a gram for gram basis, it’s a fairly cheap way to load-up on CBD.

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