A Guide to Sweetened Hemp Flowers

The name “Sweetened” conjures images of sugar-laden treats and desserts—maybe a glass of iced tea or your favorite soda. This is an image that perfectly suits the Sweetened hemp strain, as it tastes like candied orange peels and fruit-flavored hard candies. 

The strain is derived from a combination of Otto II and Cherry. The former is where Sweetened gets most of its unique flavors from, along with some of its uplifting effects. Otto II is just as fruity and it adds some floral and herbal flavors to the mix, making for a delicious and beneficial combination that has spawned a fantastic hemp strain.

Sweetened Hemp Flower Review

Although Sweetened possesses an impressive flavor profile and provides some potent effects, its flowers aren’t much to look at. They are as generic as hemp flowers can be, with bright green leaves and average-sized buds.

If you see them on the shelf at your local dispensary, you may skip right past them and seek a more eye-catching varietal. That would be a huge mistake, though, as these smokable flowers have a lot of flavor packed into those run-of-the-mill nugs.

Sweetened Aroma and Flavors

The flowers may not look like much on the shelf, but as soon as you take them down and open the jar, you’ll understand just how special Sweetened really is. It’s like walking through a fairground and inhaling the aromas from a multitude of sugary treats. 

In addition to the notes of candied berries, baked apples, and caramel, you’ll detect a foundation of warm sandalwood, bitter pine, and burnt sugar. It’s a composite of some of the best flavors that hemp flowers have to offer.

The flowers taste as good as they smell, like taking a big bite of candy floss and letting it slowly melt over your tongue. There is a slight bitterness toward the end, like burnt wood and dried lemon rind, but this doesn’t detract from the sweetness and only adds to the experience.

Benefits of Sweetened Hemp Flowers

Like a decadent chocolate treat, Sweetened will instantly boost your mood and make you feel more confident. Instead of tucking into those high-calorie, high-fat sweets, reach for the bong and try some of these smokable flowers. 

You will feel your stresses and strains melt away and become replaced by a mellow contentedness, making Sweetened perfect for those days when you need to get stuff done but don’t have the motivation to get through. 

It might make you tired and groggy in larger doses but can generally be enjoyed at any time of the day. Sweetened is not a couch-lock strain—its effects are very subtle and balanced.

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