Can I Use Hemp Flower To Quit Smoking

CBD has been touted, incorrectly, as a cure for everything, so when it comes to curing tobacco addiction many people are skeptical. This two minute read breaks down the science behind using CBD to cure tobacco addiction.

What Is a CBD or  a Hemp Cigarette?

A CBD cigarette is a form of hemp cigarette that is made from hemp rather than tobacco. While tobacco cigarettes contain nicotine as their main compound, CBD cigarettes contain CBD as their main compound.

If you understand anything about CBD, you should already know that there’s a striking difference between the two substances. While CBD is a therapeutic compound, nicotine is not. As a result, most people will smoke CBD for therapeutic benefits and they’ll smoke nicotine recreationally.

Before going to CBD and tobacco, let’s answer a question that might be at the back of your mind.

Is Smoking CBD Addictive?

CBD is not an addictive substance, nor does it cause dependence. Dependence and addiction take place in higher centers, and CBD takes limited action at these centers.

What’s The Problem with Tobacco Addiction?

Tobacco is one of the most addictive substances of all time. It also happens to be one of the most potentially dangerous substances when used for prolonged durations. CDC reports indicate that tobacco smoking causes the highest number of preventable deaths in the U.S. Unfortunately, there is no definite cure for a tobacco addiction and most addicts are forced to try cold-turkey methods that usually fail.

Using CBD (Hemp Flower) to Quit Tobacco

In a study that was conducted in 2013, tobacco addicts who used CBD for a fixed period had reduced urges to smoke tobacco, so the patients were able to wean off tobacco smoking by using CBD. A different study found that 25% of tobacco addicts were able to quit tobacco smoking while 40% were able to replace tobacco smoking with CBD.

How Does CBD Help Cure Tobacco Addiction?

Research in this area is still in its preliminary stages and further research is needed to give clearer direction. That being said, participants in the studies mentioned above did report that CBD helped them quit smoking. This means that CBD acts on the higher centers that are responsible for inducing cravings.

Other than reducing the physical cravings for tobacco, CBD smoking offers an alternative “escape” for chain smokers. Tobacco addicts get psychologically dependent on the act of smoking, so smoking CBD serves as a healthier substitute.

Is Smoking CBD Safer than Smoking Nicotine?

CBD cigarettes are becoming very popular amongst the people of the younger generation, some of which have not even tried nicotine cigarettes, but is this really a safer alternative? There has been some controversy surrounding this issue. While some claim that CBD cigarettes are a safer alternative others claim that they are equally as harmful.

When comparing CBD to nicotine on a “one is to one” basis, CBD is clearly safer and there is no comparison. While nicotine is harmful to the lungs, CBD offers a myriad of therapeutic benefits, which are listed in a later section. However, the act of smoking poses a unique set of risks. The fumes of combustion are dangerous to the lungs and they pose further risk for lung or respiratory disease.

For these reasons, CBD cigarettes should be used in moderation.

Can CBD Oil Help You Quit Smoking?

CBD oil can be used to relieve the urge to smoke tobacco by providing anxiety and stress relief, but it may not be as helpful for a chain smoker who finds solace in the physical act of smoking a cigarette.

What are the Benefits of Using CBD?

Apart from curing tobacco addiction, CBD has additional benefits as it helps fight:

  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

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Disclaimer: According to The American Lung Association, inhaling smoke of any kind is considered harmful to the lungs, regardless if it’s coming from cigarettes, hemp flower or campfire.

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