Can You Fly with CBD Hemp Flower?

The rapid growth of the legal hemp industry has created a lot of legal conundrums and consumer problems, including whether or not it’s legal to fly with CBD hemp flowers. The good news is that this issue has been clarified in theory, and the bad news is that it might not be that straightforward in practice.

Can I Travel with CBD Hemp Flower?

As CBD hemp flowers are legal at a federal level, they can be transported across state borders. Some states have been a little slow on the uptake, but most have now embraced the legal status of these flowers and you should be good to go in that respect.

If the CBD flowers contain less than 0.3% THC, as required by law, then you are free to travel with them.

However, if you’re wondering whether you can take CBD flowers on a plane, the answer is a little more complicated.

The TSA has made it clear that they don’t have an issue with CBD, do not consider it a risk, and will not be looking for it or confiscating it. However, the same can’t be said for marijuana, and it’s nearly impossible to tell the two apart.

If a TSA agent finds a bag of marijuana-like flowers in your suitcase, how will you prove that they are, in fact, hemp flowers? They can’t test them, and even if they could, by the time they did you would have been referred to law enforcement and missed your flight.

In 2019, a 71-year-old woman was arrested for being in possession of CBD oil at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The same report noted that several other travelers had faced the same issues and while the laws have now had time to settle, with CBD products more commonplace than before, there’s no guarantee that you won’t face the same issue.

Should You Fly with Hemp Flower?

The best way to avoid any issues is to leave your hemp flower at home. If you are going to be away for several days or weeks and need the flowers for medicinal reasons, switch to CBD oil or vape pens until your trip is over.

To clarify, CBD hemp flowers are legal and you are allowed to fly with them, but security agents simply can’t distinguish from CBD hemp and THC cannabis and by the time they figure it out, you may be sitting in a holding cell with your flight long gone.

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