Does Smoking Hemp Help with Anxiety?

Can CBD help with anxiety? If you’ve ever smoked hemp flowers or consumed an extract, you probably have a good idea, but what does the science say, and will all users experience the same effects?

What Does the Research Say?

A 2018 review looked at the potential effects of CBD and discovered some noteworthy anti-anxiety properties. It’s not alone, either, as similar conclusions have been drawn by dozens of other animal studies and human trials over the years.

The suggestion is that CBD interacts with the mind’s serotonin production, which is responsible for feelings of happiness and contentment. In doing so, it could boost the mood and make the user feel happier and more confident, which in turn could impact their anxiety levels.

It’s still early days, there have been no concrete conclusions, and a lot more research is needed. But the early signs are positive.

What’s more, scientists have drawn similar conclusions with some of the terpenes found in CBD hemp flowers. Linalool, for instance, is found in lavender and is thought to be responsible for some of the calming sensations associated with these fragrant flowers.

If you consume your CBD in the form of hemp flowers, you’ll be consuming a variety of terpenes and alternatives in addition to CBD, and these could combine to create what has been dubbed the “entourage effect”.

What About Users?

User reviews aren’t quite as reliable as scientific literature. They might be exaggerating to try and sell a product or convince you of its efficacy. Maybe they were consuming other medications at the same time or consumed something that had a lot of THC. They could also be experiencing the placebo effect.

There are a lot of genuine users out there who make it their goal to provide honest reports on every gram that they smoke and every tincture they taste, but their claims are placed right alongside the ones who insist that CBD cured their mother’s cancer, reversed serious illnesses, and cooked them a candlelit dinner (probably).

It’s hard to take someone seriously when what they’re telling you contradicts medical science. CBD is great, there’s no denying that, and it really does provide a wealth of health benefits, but it’s not a miracle substance, and that’s why you have to take these claims with a grain of salt.

Still, that doesn’t mean they should be dismissed entirely. After all, even if we allow for the fact that many customer reviews aren’t telling us the whole story, that still leaves room for thousands that are, and many of these insist that CBD is beneficial and can help with anxiety-related disorders.

Some people use it throughout the day to help them during stressful periods. Others use a little every now and then to help them during social situations. We’ve also used it for similar purposes and have written about our experiences previously, but just because it works for them and for us, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Can CBD Help with Anxiety?

Once you combine experience reports with the possible mechanism of action and the animal studies alluded to previously, it’s fair to say that CBD seems to have some kind of positive effect on the human mind. Maybe it’s not as strong as some other substances, maybe it won’t work for everyone, but there’s clearly something there.

If you have problems with anxiety and are looking for a quick, easy, and side-effect-free way of dealing with it, try some CBD. If your anxiety is crippling and chronic, it likely won’t provide the benefits that you need, but it’s still worth trying. It’s only going to cost you a few bucks to discover if CBD is a potentially life-changing compound or just another natural treatment that doesn’t work for you.

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