Is Smoking Hemp Good for Pain?

THC is great for pain relief and has been prescribed for the relief of chronic and persistent pain. But what about CBD? When you take the THC out of hemp flowers, are there still analgesic benefits?

Is Smoking Hemp Good for Pain?

On a scientific level, the jury is still out on whether CBD can reduce pain or not.

We know, for instance, that THC produces analgesic effects and it’s believed to be caused by the euphoric properties, as we see similar pain-killing effects in other euphoric drugs.

Simply put, when your nerves are stimulated and you feel great, you’re less worried about niggling pains.

The problem with CBD is that it doesn’t produce strong psychoactive effects. There is no “euphoria” as such, and that reduces its potential as an analgesic.

But THC may have another mechanism of action. We know, for instance, that it stimulates cannabinoid receptors in the nerve cells, and this could help to reduce the sensation of pain. It’s possible that CBD could play a similar role. It has also been hypothesized that it could interfere with the production of serotonin.

The truth is, we don’t really know. The brain is a complex machine and CBD hasn’t been studied as extensively as other pain-killing substances. But the signs are certainly promising.

What About Anecdotal Evidence?

There is no shortage of user reports suggesting that CBD can help with pain. Users insist that it has helped them with everything from headaches to joint pain and more. It also seems that every hemp brand’s back story involves a relative who used CBD to cure a long-term health problem, eradicate chronic pain, and change their life.

These reports have their uses and can tell you a lot about the potential benefits of a substance. After all, scientists learn about substances and their effects by giving them to people and monitoring their reactions.

But reading self-submitted reports is definitely not the same. You don’t know what their medical histories are, what other substances they are using, whether they are telling the truth or not, and how experienced they are with hemp.

The placebo effect also plays a massive role and it’s likely to be much stronger in individuals who have a history of smoking THC flowers.

Does CBD Flower Help with Pain?

There is no definitive way to answer this question, not yet. It might help you to soothe your aches and pains, it might not; the effects might be strong and pronounced, they might be no more effective than some mild OTC painkillers.

The only way to find out is to try it for yourself and see. Start with a small dose and if you’re smoking during the day, make sure you look for a strain known for being uplifting and energetic, as opposed to sedating.

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