Sherbet Marijuana Strain

Sunset Sherbet, Sherbet OG, or just “Sherbet” is a potent and popular cannabis strain that was created by crossing Pink Panties with Girl Scout Cookies. The effects come on quickly and provide a burst of energy and creativity along with an all-over relaxation. It’s strong, sweet, and hugely popular with cannabis users and dispensaries on the west coast.

Is Sherbet Sativa or Indica?

Sunset Sherbet is an Indica-dominant hybrid (85% Indica, 15% Sativa), which means it is more sedating than uplifting. However, it’s not a complete couch-lock and as a hybrid, it blends the best of both worlds. Ultimately, your experience with Sunset Sherbet will come down to your tolerance level and dose, as well as the phenotype, as the quality and effects seem to differ greatly from grower to grower, even more so than usual.

The buds are usually tight and display bold greens with occasional orange hairs. The trichomes are also quite thick and sticky.

What is the Lineage of Sunset Sherbet?

Sherbet is the result of crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties.

Pink Panties comes from Burmese Kush and a backcross of Florida Kush. It’s sharp, tangy, and heavy on the citrus with THC of around 15 to 18%.

As for Girl Scout Cookies or “GSC”, it’s a hugely popular cannabis strain that was made by breeding Durban Poison with OG Kush. It’s stronger and more Indica dominant and Sherbet clearly borrows a lot of traits from this classic variety.

Is Sherbet an Exotic Strain?

Sherbet is a very common strain and you can find it in dispensaries throughout the west coast, as well as many other states. It goes down pretty well with experienced smokers and so it’s usually quite easy to find.

What Does Sunset Sherbet Smell and Taste Like?

As you would expect from a strain named after candy and related to Girl Scout Cookies, Sherbet is very sweet and dessert-like. It’s not as in-your-face as some other sweet and fruity strains and has more of a fresh and creamy taste accentuated by tangy fruits and a hit of bitter lemon.

Effects of Sunset Sherbet

The Sherbet strain is an Indica, so it leans more toward sensations of relaxation, sedation, and a full-body high. Lower doses will come on quickly and leave you feeling relaxed and content. Larger doses will trigger more of a sedative effect and push you toward a “couch-lock”.

The high THC levels (around 15 to 20%) mean Sherbet is heavy on the body and the mind. It’s a strain that’s best saved for the end of the day when your chores are over, your work has finished, and you have nothing to do except relax and enjoy some TV.

In addition to those feelings of relaxation and utter contentment, the Sherbet high arrives with an insatiable hunger and a dry mouth that refuses to go anywhere. Some users also suffer from dry eyes and mild anxiety, although the same can be said for all strains and these side effects vary from user to user.

On a medicinal level, Sherbet could help with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. It’s not for the faint of heart, though. If you’re new to marijuana, it’s probably best to give this one a miss. Alternatively, just keep the dose low and increase as needed.

Growing the Sherbet Strain

Sherbet is not the best choice for inexperienced growers as growing difficulty falls somewhere between “moderate” and “hard”. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, although if you’re opting for the latter you will need to live somewhere that experiences hot days and warm nights.

At harvest time, you will be rewarded for your efforts with around 8 ounces per square meter. It’s a little on the low side, so unless you’re intrigued by the flavors/effects or like to experiment, it’s not the best option for high-yield growers.

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