Thin Mint Cookies Marijuana Strain

Thin Mint Cookies is a delicious-sounding strain that has some pretty impressive lineage. Not to be mistaken for Thin Mint, Thin Mint Cookies was bred from OG Kush, F1 Durban Poison, and the iconic Girl Scout Cookies.

Is Thin Mint Cookies Sativa or Indica?

Thin Mint Cookies is a balanced hybrid that comes in at 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. It creates a blend of effects that are great for medicinal users, as well as recreational smokers who want a spark of creativity and a dose of euphoria without being put to sleep.

Terpenes and Cannabinoid Content of Thin Mint Cookies

The THC content of Thin Mint Cookies is around 20% to 25%, putting it on the heavy side. As far as the flavors and aromas are concerned, it has a lot in common with Girl Scout Cookies.

There is a strong sweetness here with notes of vanilla and brown sugar. But the flavor is enhanced by the addition of floral and minty notes, not unlike the Thin Mint Cookies after which it is named.

The CBD levels aren’t great, so if you’re looking for a cannabis strain that’s loaded with both CBD and THC, this is not the one for you.

Girl Scout Cookies, often known simply as “GSC”, is one of the most popular strains in the US right now. It has been used to create many other varieties, including Thin Mint Cookies. However, very few of these strains have achieved the same popularity and Thin Mint Cookies is no exception.

It’s becoming more common on the West Coast and seems to have a growing following among fans of Cookies strains, but it’s a relatively unknown strain elsewhere.

What are the Effects of Thin Mint Cookies?

As a balanced Indica/Sativa hybrid, Thin Mint Cookies provides a blend of effects. You’ll feel an initial rush of euphoria and relaxation, and you should also notice an improvement in your mood and creativity. After a while, it becomes a little more sedating.

Of course, those sedating effects are more pronounced in inexperienced users and they will also become more prominent if you smoke large quantities.

You may suffer from a little dry mouth and dry eyes, and some users report feeling nauseous, but the side effects vary. As Thin Mint Cookies as high THC levels, it’s not ideal for inexperienced smokers, especially when smoked during the day.

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